Oliter Solar battery 12V 200Ah LCPC 200-12 GEL BATTERY


“Oliter” battery is Maintenance free and easy to use.

Contemporary advanced technology research and development of new high-performance batteries can be widely used in solar energy, wind energy, telecommunication systems, off-grid systems, UPS and other fields.

The designed life for the battery could be eight years up for float use.

Technology data:
Rated Voltage: 12V
Capacity (10hr,1.80V/Cell): 200Ah
Weight: 59Kg
Max Discharge Current: 3010A(3min)
Max Charge Current: ?0.25A C10
Self- Discharge (25?): ?3%/month
Recommended Using Temperature: 15°C~25°C
Cover Material: ABS
Dimensions: 522mm x 240mm x 224mm

4,200.00 4200.0 BWP 4,200.00


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