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Unlock the power of the sun with advanced solar batteries for reliable and sustainable energy storage

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Selecting the Ideal Solar Batteries for Reliable Backup

Pairing solar panels with high-quality batteries helps ensure continuous power supply when the grid goes down. By storing excess solar energy in batteries during the day, your critical home or business loads stay powered through the night and during blackouts. Investing in solar battery backup delivers reliable electricity while reducing dependence on Botswana's inconsistent utility grid. Contact us for buying Solar Batteries in Botswana.

Batteries Fill in Solar Energy Gaps

Solar panels don’t produce electricity at night. Output also fluctuates with intermittent cloud cover during the daytime. Quality batteries act as a solar energy reservoir - storing extra power when generation exceeds usage and discharging stored electrons when solar production drops or stops. This on-demand discharge capacity offers backup reliability that our punishing summer load-shedding schedules require.

Deep cycle lead-acid batteries are the most proven, cost-effective battery chemistry for solar-plus-storage systems. While newer lithium-ion batteries boast advantages, battle-tested lead-acid batteries still dominate off-grid solar pairings.

Comparing Lead-Acid Battery Types

Solar batteries differ from standard starter batteries. Deep cycling discharges batteries more heavily without damaging them. Different lead-acid battery types vary in performance metrics like calendar life, cycle life, maintenance needs, and cost.

Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

The most affordable option uses liquid lead-acid electrolyte which must be routinely topped off with distilled water to prevent drying out. Requires ventilated enclosure to dissipate emitted hydrogen gas. Higher maintenance but lower cost.

Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

Gel suspension of electrolytes prevents spilling/leaking. Totally sealed construction means no hazardous gas emissions. No corrosion issues. Requires no water refilling. More expensive but cleaner and safer than the flooded alternative.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

Electrolyte soaked in specialized fiberglass mats. Superior charge acceptance and discharge rates compared to gel type. Spill/leakproof. The enclosed case emits no gases. Highest performance and longest life expectancy of lead-acid options.

Lithium-ion Solar Batteries

The newest battery chemistry is popular in electric vehicles and consumer electronics. No toxic lead content. Lower environmental impact when recycled. Lightweight and compact. Deliver more lifetime cycles. Highest upfront cost by far. Require advanced safety systems which adds expense.

Solar Battery Maintenance to Maximize Lifespan

Following battery manufacturer care guidelines optimizes safety, performance, and operational life. This includes:

  • Routinely checking distilled water levels and refilling flooded batteries
  • Avoiding deep discharges below advised depth of discharge
  • Recharging fully at least monthly when not regularly cycled
  • Cleaning corrosion buildup on terminals
  • Storing batteries in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas

We offer comprehensive solar-plus-storage maintenance packages, combining automated battery monitoring with annual system tune-ups by our certified technicians. This maximizes your battery bank lifespan while delivering reliable backup capacity when you need it most.

Get a Custom Battery Backup Solution

Has your home or business been hit with crippling power cuts this summer? End the suffering and anxiety! Go solar with full off-grid capability tailored to your budget and electrical loads. A properly sized solar array and battery bank deliver energy independence and uninterrupted operation.

Contact Apex Mart to schedule a free site evaluation from our battery backup experts. We size solar panel capacity to match your average electricity usage with batteries to power critical loads during grid failures. Reliable backup power allows your family or company to thrive through Botswana’s ongoing electricity crisis.

Invest in ultimate energy assurance today. Get your custom solar plus battery storage proposal by contacting us!